April 17, 2014

BEAUTY: My Current Skincare Regime!

Have you ever wondered how applying chocolate or candy on your skin feels like?

I have! And I got my answers as soon as I applied these products from Emabeautyline skincare line! Heee.. I was scouring about town searching for new skincare products cause I just can't stick to one. My skin somehow knows the pattern of me using a certain product for an amount of time, and gets immune to it. Boohoo!

I was immediately drawn to the packaging when I first encountered this brand. I mean, who doesn't do that, right? :p See it's all pink and girly! Looks like it's made in Korea or something. But it's not! It's made in good 'ol Malaysia! :D

Here's an overall look of the items I received in this package. It comes with a facial cleanser that produces no foams/bubbles upon usage (which a lot of organic items are known for), day cream, night cream and sunscreen. 

And this is how it looks when opened! Sorry I can't show you the liquid cleanser as it has a squirt-type applicator. 

Ohmyyy the colors!! Pastel pink, purple and beige! The girly girl in me just can't take it anymoreeee! Seriously all these items smell like candy! Even my mom says so too when she walked pass by me when I was applying the night cream in front of our living room mirror. Yes, I tend to walk around the house every time I get ready hihi..

Here's a closeup look of the products. These tubs could last a month / a month and a half and fits most toiletries' bag easily. Best part of all, these products are mercury-free! Gosh, I'm so scared of seeing other local made products that contains mercury. 

I have used these products for about a week now. Will let you know soon how it works on me.. So far so good, though! I didn't purge whatsoever. Stay tuned! :D

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Fatin said...

Salam Shea. Can't wait for your beauty review on this product :)