April 14, 2014

BOUTIQUE CRUSH: Padieka Raccolta

Hey Shopaholics!

Guess where I went to last weekend? Yeah, yeah, the title gave the answer already hihi.. Yeap, I went to Padieka Raccolta, Shah Alam! :D

Lucky for me, I was already familiar with the area, so heading to the shop that day was a breeze. It's basically near to Jakel and UiTM, so if you google those landmarks, you'll easily find your way to the boutique. 

I was planning on getting a few pieces before I leave to *ehem* later this week. Will let you guys guess where I'm headed off to for my next #SheaWanderlust2014. Enough rambling, and let's get into the piccies! Lemme warn you though, you're in for a surprise!

O.M.G. Never have I seen a shop packed with items!! Talk about variety, huh?
Loving the cutesy backdrop at the cashier
My eyes immediately caught by these long maxi dresses. They're so colorful!
L: Me caught in the act! Hihi.. Was having a hard time choosing for items cause semuanya cantikkk!
R: Where them bags and shoes addicts at? 
Hihi, cheekily I took some pics of other girls shopping for scarves
Casual flats at RM15?? Nothing beats thisssss
L: I'm torn between these two *haihs*
R: This chiffon long cardi would work with ANYTHING!
I almost fainted when I saw this corner.. Can you believe it.. Those jelly shoes and bags are callingggg
The most affordable maxi shawls I have ever come across with. Seriously!
Hihi I took one of these.. Check my instagram to see how I styled it.
Another load of scarves; printed, plain, sheer and opaque.. you name it..
By this stage I'm already exhausted due to the multitude of choices that Padieka Raccolta has!

I warned you! 

Crazy right?? The collections are aplentyyyy! It's impossible me for me to walk out the store empty handed. I was actually looking for a skirt, but found myself with 5 items! haha.. Best part, they're all so affordable. I couldn't resist!

The salesgirl who saw me getting tired of shopping, even handed me a water bottle to let me freshen up haha.. *malu* 

Luckily my car was parked just down stairs, so making my way up and out of the boutique a breeze with all the crazy shopping. I snapped a picture of me with all my loots, but I looked pretty messy due to the constant trying and getting out of the clothes, there's no way I'm gonna publish those images haha.. It was war for me, mannn! :D

If you're thinking, "Eleh Shea ni, baru shopping sikit dah kecoh", then go and give Padieka Raccolta a visit and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about hihi.. 

Here are the details of the boutique if you're planning on having a shopping session with your loved ones: 

Email: sales@padieka.com

Shah Alam
17B, Tingkat 2, Jalan Plumbum 17P/P
Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, 
40000, Shah Alam, Selangor

A175/3, Kuantan Digital Mall,
Lorong Tun Ismail 6,
25000 Kuantan, Pahang

318, Ground Floor
Jalan Kamunting, 34600
Kamunting, Perak
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My Own Fairytale said...

Gorgeous colors and patterns.
Wish we had more shops like this in The Netherlands.