April 3, 2014


You know what I love doing most when I'm bored or when I'm eating alone at home? I watch 'How It's Made' videos on Youtube. I'm just so in awe with all those machineries manufacturing stuffs and whatnot. I love seeing the process it takes to make something from scratch. To me, the process is magical. 

But the thing that makes me wonder the most is: Who makes those machines?? Gosh. What kind of brain do they have?? And that my friends, is my thought for today hehe..


Here's a tunic look I wore the other day. I seldom see myself wearing orange or burnt orange colors, so for 2014, I think this would be the first. I think I kinda like it..

Tassle Shawl: @lilmrspolkadot (instashop)
Irma tunic blouse: Poplook
Clutch: Charles & Keith
Pants: H&M
Wedges: Zalora (gift from my sis)
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Nur Izzati said...

The tunic is gorgeous! :D

My Own Fairytale said...

Looove the orange color.
And the shoes are amazing.

I watch that kind of prorammes too :-)
Very interesting.



NANA said...

the colour look classic dear :D

match with u ..


leyla nurjatiey said...

Cantek nye blouse tu..suka warna dia..

Syaza Hazwanie said...

Camera ape??

Syaza Hazwanie said...

Camera camera

Salmah Harris said...

Salaam Kak Shea! I really have genuine question. Is the Irma blouse you're wearing in this post, see through? Or you are wearing a t-shirt underneath? I hope you can reply me soon. Thank you so much! :)

MG schmidt said...

i cant imagine how load ur wardrobe sis :)
all nice!