April 8, 2014


Assalam ladies!

As I'm writing this, I'm actually enjoying myself a cup of hot chocolate while it's continuing to pour heavily outside. The weather here feels great Alhamdulillah. Albeit a bit gloomy, I'm sure it's doing us all good. 

So here's me for the first time rocking a tulle skirt! I have always wanted to own one, let alone style it, so I've been researching a bit on brands that carry tulle skirts in their collection. I finally gave in to this Black Swan by Arnadia available at Gaya Collective! I particularly love the V shape waist feature cause it gives me an illusion of a flatter tummy! :p

Top: @nananovendors (instashop)
Black Swan Tutu Skirt: Arnadia by Gaya Collective
Bag: Balenciaga
Heart Sunnies: Forever21

And the tutu is just heaven sent! It's not stiff and rigid. The way it flows with every step of the way makes me feel like I'm wearing a chiffon flowy skirt I tell you. Totally worth every dime. Definitely gonna get my hands on the other available colors (grey / white), cause I am now an official big fan of these Swan skirts! And oh, I love how the yellow color of my bag pops out of the monotone hues I'm wearing ;)

Expect to see me in my Black Swan skirt more soon! 
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