May 15, 2014

EVENT: Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party

If you saw my picture on instagram where I posted a picture of me standing in front of a backdrop full of roses, then this is where I had that pic taken! I attended the Neo Gal party hosted by Herbal Essences X Nuffnang at Signature The Roof, KL.

As soon as I stepped inside the area, I was like whoaaa, too many flowers, too little time! Hehe.. being a flower freak I am, I totally felt in place :D

The décor was done in conjunction to the latest range of shampoo by Herbal Essences, which was inspired by all things Japanese. Imagine a Sakura and Lavender garden, all stashed into one shampoo bottle. Now that’s what they made for us.

See how inviting these shampoos are to my daily shower routine? While waiting for the guests to arrive (Yes, I arrived super early God knows why), I took the opportunity to take a whiff off the fragrant of the shampoos. And you know what? I found my nose glued to the bottle haha.. Seriously it smelt so good! What have I been missing all this while??

And as the party began to kick in, I noticed that there were these uber cool booths ready for the attendees.

There was the cupcake booth, where you and your friends could freely decorate an empty cupcake with frostings, flowers and icings! I mean, that’s obviously the best part of making cupcakes, right?

The second booth where you could sit and start making your floral bracelet, earrings and hair ties! I sat here the longest cause I find myself making piece after piece for me to bring back home haha..

Next is the temporary tattoo booth. You can get the tattoo artisans to spray paint on to your skin, various motifs of flowers. There are templates of designs for you to choose from, so everyone went cray cray!

Then there’s the headband booth. Almost similar to the bracelet booth, where packs of DIY kits were ready for you to pick. You can sit at this booth and have yourself a jolly good time making headbands with floral beads and appliqués.

These were simply the best! I mean, no event would be perfect without photo booths, aite? Complete with two backgrounds for us to choose from, all we did was stand in front of the backdrop, and say cheese! Our photos were ready in just a minute!

Lastly there’s the beauty booth where you can help yourselves to some free manicure and maybe have your hair chalk-painted into any colors that you wish. I missed these two booths cause I was stuck at all the other booths I tell you!

All in all, I had SOOOOO much fun that day! I finally got the chance to mingle with old and new friends, exchanging stories and tips, and turns out, the food wasn’t bad at all too!

I really do appreciate events such as this where you don’t just sit around and listen to speeches and talks. I prefer one where you could walk around, and do lotsa things to socialize. Later back at home, I immediately used my free shampoo sample kit that I got. Couldn’t get my paws off of them!

Blogger’s Sharing Session Wheee!!

And here’s my beautiful Charis, serenading us with some tunes..

Thank you so much Herbal Essences for having me that day!

Did you know, Herbal Essences uses naturally derived ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil and rapeseed oil as active ingredients that constitute the formula, something I seriously need due to the dryness that’s going on, on my scalp.

With a soft and creamy floral scent, Herbal Essences Moisture repairs hair weakened by color, perms and styling. Its deep moisturizing agents keeps hair soft and manageable, so with the hijab on or off, I always feel like I just stepped out of the shower, seriously! It pursues long-lasting fragrance on hair with its new range, scented similarly to fine perfumes. I find it particularly amazing when I want to hit the sack, and I can smell my own hair while I’m lying down. Ahhh can you imagine that lovely feeling? :p

What makes the Japanese Series extra special is that it is specially formulated with Natural Ingredients like Rose and Camelia Oil so you can revel in touchably smooth hair with long lasting fragrance in just 1 use. That’s why I think this range stands out the best as compared to what I’ve been using all this while. And since I just got back from Japan, you can only imagine how much I miss Japan and all its splendour. Now I can have a bit of Japan on my hair! Haha..

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Miss Er said...


Dear, bleh tak i tahu.. u guna camera apa yea? Bleh share tak? thanks babe. :)

Miss Er said...


Dear, bleh tak i tahu u guna camera apa yea? :)