May 9, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY: Sweet Disposition

Happy Friday, everyone! Today is such a beautiful day, isn't it? Me, I just can't wait for tomorrow cause I'll be going for a short getaway with my besties! Don't forget to follow my instagram @shearasol to know where I'm headed to. This time it's only within Malaysia heee...

Here's my look for today! Can you imagine, I'm actually wearing a pyjama tee! hahaha.. It was too pretty to begin with, so there's no way I won't use it when I'm out :B

Pyjama tee: Tesco (RM15!!)
Skirt: Padieka
Bag: ubranded
Sneakers: H&M

Have a great great weekend everybody! I hope I will, insyaAllah :)
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clairexoxo said...

Salam.sis where did u buy ur scarf?

Ayu Ismail said...

so sweet lah...
shea pkai baju tido pon cantik.. klo i pkai sure dari jauh org dah tegur.. eh ko pkai baju tdo ke???

Ada Abdullah said...

Salam.. trendy betul :D
Suka gaya awk..

Jom sertai saya dalam give away contest


Sizzling Suzai said...

dear this tooo sweet :)

Hijab Girl Bubun said...

Love that flowerish tops. um gonna have this today. :)