May 3, 2014


I mentioned in my instagram before that my current color crush is baby blue. And that is definitely true! I feel like my eyes are drawn to its soft and delicate nature. Not too girly, but at the same time pastel enough for my liking. So when I wanted to head out the other day with the fam, I wanted to wear these two baby blue items so bad! I figured to leave everything else white, to help bring out the color in a subtle manner.

Scarf: @coverednation (instashop)
Ariel fishtail top: Arnadia by Gaya
Bag: from Shibuya
Handsocks: Pelangi Hati

I don't know about you, but I always find those cotton maxi shawls to be such a nuisance to wear nowadays! Every time I put it on my head to begin wrapping, it somehow turns out sooo badddd!! Do I need to spit on my hands first before putting on the hijab?? So I always end up getting cranky because of my scarf haha.. Thus, that's the reason I'm trying to delve into different materials now. And my choice would definitely be this luxurious satin shawl from Covered Nation. The stitching is immaculate, and the material is just lush. See how subtle the satinney shine it reflects? Perfect.

And I'm currently trying to dip my toes into the world of wearing handsocks. I know it's a personal choice for some. Honestly I like the view of my arms getting maximum coverage, but it does feel quite stuffy especially on a hot sunny day. I mean, when I first wore my hijab, I felt the same thing too, but with constant wearings, it's all just in the mind. So I figured I needed this practice. Plus, the designs are too pretty to not be worn!! 

How did I do? :D

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hana said...

Love the handsocks 😍

Sazwanis Mahadzir said...

Beatiful perfect

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

simple and sweet!!!!!:DDD

Hijab Girl Bubun said...

Looking gorgeous...Love that look.