May 22, 2014


Here's another look I think pretty much wows me. Why? Cause I'm quite scared how leopard prints would work on me. But hey, fashion is all about exploration, right? Actually wore this on the 2nd day of IlmFest, and only got the time to blog now, boohoo!

Stud Hijab pins: @jengthreexstore
Leopard cardi: Milktee (storewide discount code: SHEA10)
Slinky Maxi dress: Poplook
Waist belt: Eman Fathy
Bag: Zara

And look, I love how my unique ethnic embroidered waist clincher adds some spunk into my outfit. And I also love the fact that it covers the slinkiness of my dress from hugging my hips to tight. This belt is designed by my friend, non other than Eman Fathy, all the way from Abu Dhabi! Talk about international friendships, huh? 

If you check out her page, you can see that all of her creations are unique and one of a kind. It's refreshing and unpredictable, something the Malaysian fashion scene needs more of actually. And while you're at it, don't forget to follow her instagram, cause where else would you be most of the time if not on instagram, right? *guilty*

By the way, can't wait for tomorrow! InsyaAllah I'll be speaking alongside Nurul, Sabrina, Diana Rikasari and Iymel about HATERS! OOoohhh, scary! Haha.. So don't forget to come by and join in the fun! Oh, if you're not Indonesian but residing in Jakarta, do come too! Everyone's welcomed :D

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