May 29, 2014

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Sisterhood X Hijabella Day Outfit

Assalam my lovelies!

Am actually blogging here at Starbucks due to the fact that I have no internet connection at home! To make things worse, my phone got barred, and I am locked inside cause my little sister took my home keys with her. Leaving me all alone and connection-less at home. Gahhh.. Never in my life have I felt so disconnected from the world hehe..

But all is good now.. Mom came home and finally I could get my butt out to blog for you peeps. Basically I wanna share with you my look that I wore during Sisterhood X Hijabella Day in Jakarta a few days ago. 

You know me, I cannot steer clear from black! I've been scolded one too many times by my family and friends to stop getting myself black coloured items hehe.. But I can't stop hehe...

Scarf: Unbranded
Top: Uniqlo
Skirt: Eman Fathy
Clutch: Eman Fathy

And my goshhh, can you see the skirt I'm wearing? When I received it along with other items I was like whoaaaa this skirt has got to be my favourite from all the bunch. That's why I chose to wear it at a special event such as Sisterhood. Eventhough this look is a bit too black, I love how the textures on the embroidery brings out the charm in this look. 

And added a popping red clutch to go with my outfit that day. Can't get enough of the whole ethnic-Indian-Egyptian-Arabic inspired pieces I wore that day.. They're such beauties!

Read my article at Aquila Style and watch the video I made about the event.. Hope you have fun watching the video as much as I had fun making it :D

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...


Zanariah Mohd Tap said...

Shea, i pun suka black. Yes, kena marah jugak. HAHAHA.

hajar izahar said... klo match dgn red belt @ red shawl @ red shoes, wif red watch lg shanteeekkk..bru clutch tu nmpk more blend dgn ur all black outfit rite, rite? :-)

Sizzling Suzai said...

the skirt is tooo awesome ! :)