June 26, 2014


Another round of an Eid inspiration look for all you thinking of going different than usual this year. Why I say different? Cause this week it's all about jewels! Hehe.. Kidding, it's actually the third collection by Poplook that has gotten me on the edge of my seat! 

When I first saw their teasers, I figured things are gonna get pretty ugly. For me I mean. Ugly in a sense that my face will turn ugly in front of my screen, crying my eyeballs out seeing the entire collection. And yep, it did happen :p

I wore this piece to a shoot I did with the most watched programme, Hijab Styilista, for their Eid series. So you guys better watch it when it's out ya! :D When I first wore this dress, my friends, who was at the shoot with me all went into a sudden state of shock seeing how gorgeous this dress was! Don't believe me? Ask Fira, Tia and Lyna for yourselves hehe..

Aida Chiffon Scarf: Poplook
Shona Dress: Poplook
Bag: Lady Dior

The first thing that caught my attention was of course the material--shantung! Shantung fabrics have always been under the more expensive aisle in fabric stores, so I was surprised how affordable this dress is considering the material they used. But that's what we know of Poplook, all of their items are wallet-friendly!

And I believe there are a few types of shantungs, and for this dress I wore, the fabric aint all thick and stiff. It's pretty thin for a shantung, making it a perfect choice for Eid and for Malaysian weather. 

And if you're afraid on how it would look on a normal or curved sized figure, than I will be your very best inspiration. I am *ehem* a UK12 gal okay! :D I used to be a UK10 girl, but life happens hahaha.. But for this particular dress I wore a size M, and my god, it fits me perfectly.

I don't know about you, but for me, for Eid, is where the only time that I could dress up extra special so I made it a point to be different in each year's celebration. Last year I wore something satin-ey and this year, could it be shantung or beaded, like the ones in the Jewel collection? We'll see!

Shop Poplook's Floral, Lace & Jewel Collection here: http://poplook.com/84-raya-2014

P/s: The fabric in real life doesn't appear as shiny as it is in the lookbook images, so don't be intimidated ya! You can see from my images that it's pretty subtle, despite the fact that I took my shots in the afternoon where sunlight was quite strong.

I'll talk about my new found love for the scarf I'm wearing in a different post, aite?
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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

nice!!!:))) hmmm... this yr raya trend bnyk long dress eh!!!!:OO