June 17, 2014


For all you deciding on going for black this Eid, maybe this post might be of a help for you! I loveeee the simplicity of this dress so much cause it will be wearable even after Eid (or in my case, before haha)! 

And the subtle lace detailing on the sleeves ensures that you won't cover up the designs with your scarf, and instead have it freely showing! Perfect for those salam salam moments, eh? XD And since I matched the colour of my scarf with the lace, I decided to pair it with a totally different colour for my clutch just to be a little bit unpredictable.

Madison Shawl: Sugarscarf
Larissa Dress: Poplook
Clutch: Mango
Sunnies: Karen Walker

So tell me, are you a fan of laces like I am? Then the 2nd collection from Poplook has got to capture your attention! Appear sweet and ladylike with exceptional lace details based with contrasting colours to make your Eid outfit a standout on its own. I was all smiles when my sister told me when I wore this dress "Akak nampak slim pakai baju ni" haha.. Yes!! I loike! Cause it's not everyday I see myself being slim. Oh wait, never.

It comes with a skinny sash at the back, so don't need to worry about appearing baggy in a dress whatsoever. You can pretty much tie it up to your liking and achieve a svelte figure as how a dress should make you appear.

Shop Garden and Lace collection here: http://poplook.com/84-raya-2014
And don't forget to hashtag #poplook when you wear their pieces! I'd love to see how you guys styled it :D
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hajar izahar said...

Haaa...really like d background..lalang2 nmpk cntik..lain dr pics y ada b4 this.hope lps ni ble pose kt
abandoned house lk or dkt construction site..hehe anyw,really lv how ur shawl n ur turban inner neck perhaps