June 30, 2014

EVENT: Nora Danish X Fashion Valet

Heyya fashionistas!

How's your Ramadhan so far? I hope it has been great to you as it has for me. Here is the update I know most of you have been waiting for. It's the Nora Danish X Fashion Valet event update of course! I attended the fashion showcase last week to witness myself how the collection looks like and all I did throughout the event was whispering to my friends next to me on how I love this, and this, and this! Seriously! haha..

A perfect combo! A sueprstar teaming up with Malaysia's 'it' fashion portal? Genius.
Vivy Yusof and Nora Danish standing tall with their black and white creations after the fashion showcase.
Le me with my fellow blogger mates Syahira, Kak Iza and Sabrina!
Sneaked in some backstage pics of my favourite ones!
Vivy Yusof and Nora Danish during the press conference interview
Check this teaser out, girls! The collection will specifically be launched tomorrow on Fashion Valet's website so be sure to click here to subscribe to exactly get the update to when it's out. Phew! I'm sure there's already people lining up tomorrow to grab a piece (or more) for Eid this year.

I believe Nora Danish and Fashion Valet deserves a standing ovation for their collaboration this time cause it's not everyday you see traditional outfits made in a monochromatic sense that embodies a sophisticated and luxurious feel all into one, right? Go and wow your makciks this year when you arrive at their doors for some serious Raya snacking! :p

To know the answer, visit Fashion Valet tomorrow (1st July 2014) and get your very own Nora Danish X Fashion Valet! :D

Collection ranges from XS - XL size and from RM180 - RM250! 
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