June 19, 2014

EVENT: Red Tour Malaysia!

If you follow me on my Instagram, you might’ve seen my live update of the concert that I went to very recently. Yep! I was at Taylor Swift’s RED Tour! This is the first ever concert I’ve been to, cause yes, I’m no fan of concerts that much (read: crowds and sweats), but for the darling Taylor Swift--I would definitely go!

You see, I have a thing for nice celebrities. In a world where they can easily sway into being weird *ehem Miley* and ultimately change through time with all the fortune and fame they have, it’s hard to be a superstar and at the same time maintain they’re NICENESS.

And plus cause I could promise you that Taylor’s songs are singable for non-singers like me. You can easily sing to her song cause her rhythms are cool, the lyrics are clear, and hey, she sings about love!


So here are some piccies from the concert that day. It was CRAAAAAZZZYYY! Everybody went wild as soon as she started appearing on stage with her hit ‘State of Grace’.

On our way to the stadium!
Thanks AIA for giving me this opportunity to go watch the concert live!

Whoa look at the crowd man!

Me posing in front of AIA’s interactive zone, the lead sponsor of Taylor’s Red Tour in KL. The giant screen is superb!

See my kiss there? Look at this creepy girl planting kisses on your shoulder, Taylor.. haha..

Meet my friends who are obviously ultimate Swifties too!

More fans waiting patiently for the gate to open..

Best picture of Taylor I captured that night!

Full house!

Yes, you should love KL, TayTay! :D

Gahhh.. Now that the RED Tour is over, I feel sad that it is! Her last stop was at Singapore, and maybe a new era for her brand new album will start soon. I hope it’ll be as good as her RED album cause honestly her songs are amazeballs. My favorite has got to be ‘The Lucky One’. What’s yours?

Thank you AIA for having me at her concert this year, I had so much fun spending time with my sister and it was definitely an experience worth chucking into my 2014 memory jar at home (it’s almost full btw!)

And I know for sure Taylor Swift herself wouldn’t read this post, but if she does, Thank you for coming to Malaysia Taylor! Your performance was flawless; your real life voice is heavenly (not much difference from her album, which is a good thing); you stay modest and firm in your character; you’re demure, poised and handle yourself with utmost grace and class--WHICH I LOVE MOST ABOUT YOU!

Oh, and did you know that Mama Swift (her mom) came with her on her tours, even to Malaysia? Now that’s a darling celebrity.
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Sally Samsaiman said...

OMGeee~ *faint 100 times

hahaha...I cant get her tix...even last minute trial also didn't get...


Kelly Polaris said...

kakak~~u are sooooo lucky <3 ^^ TS rocks!

Eirfy Oth said...


Shea pakai camera apa ya? Bleh share info tak?

thanks :)