June 13, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY: Puff Shoulders

Here's an unpublished look that I wore quite some time ago during my stay in Bandung, Indonesia. I bought the outer I wore at a booth at Sisterhood, thus I can't remember which label it belonged to! Homaiii... But I love the cut immensely cause it manages to hide my chubby arms hehe..

Paired it with a Moroccan printed pants I got at Forever21 that I had brought with me, and I think it looks well together. So if you're in a rut figuring out a smart casual look headed to an event or a simple get together with your mates, try this style for a change. Tuck your shirt underneath a loose lounge pants, and let the outer (whichever outer cardigan you might have) hang freely.
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Safura ★ said...

Cantik shea cover chest! Barula true hijabi. Hihi. Next time boleh try pakai socks pulak okay 😉😘

hajar izahar said...

ouhhh.. this kinda blue is really my feveret! bought so many blue things recently. u look so young n cheerful in blue instead of all black dear!