June 24, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: My Unlikely Sanitary Experience

Hi ladies!

Sorry for being a bit slow last week with updates.. I was at that time of the month and was busy living my life! Haha..

Yeah, it was really something y’know.. I went out almost everyday to everywhere I wanted to even though I usually don’t when I’m on my menses. Usually I feel uncomfortable staying outside for long, let alone doing rigorous motions for it will cause me to be grouchy..

…Which is why I’ve switched to using Libresse these past few months :D Seriously, after experimenting with their pads for about three months now, I am convinced that I’m now a full-fledged Libresse user hehe

It really is a big deal for me to choose a great sanitary pad for my menses or not I will go berserk if I’m uncomfortable. Once, things got so bad (was using a different brand at that time) to the extent that I felt soooo uneasy and uncomfortable with the pad I wore. It was rolling all over the place underneath! (Pardon the visual) Haha.. It may sound funny, but the feeling was unbearable. It was itching so badly and felt plastic-ey. So I shamelessly tugged my skirt from the back to adjust that uncomfiness, only to find an old lady already looking at what I was doing.


Bapakkk maluu!!!

But she just chuckled. Haihh.. Lucky for me it was a lady. Imagine if it was James Franco back there! It would’ve negatively doubled my chances in being his girfriend. HAHAHA.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Shea Rasol does tug her skirt in public. Thank you.

That was the incident where I immediately decided to change the brand I was wearing to a new one. Cause I can’t bear the thought of me feeling the same feeling month after month after month if I stick to the old one.

And thankfully, not only do I now not tug at my bottoms during the light of day, I also find myself just as outgoing as when I am not on period. Don’t need to worry about the pad moving about underneath, thanks to Libresse secure fit technology that contours according to your exact shape down there.

The fit that I was referring to here is the pad that designed anatomically to fit female body where it comes with WIDER FRONT (keep the pad securely in place), NARROWER MIDDLE (fit comfortably between your tight keeping it in place) and FOLDS NEATLY IN THE BACK for a close fit to your buttocks.

It is important to have a pad that fit to your body to prevent leakage
- When the pad is fit to your body, there is no gap in between. The pad is the only things that's in contact with your body and the “fluid/menses” will straight away be absorbed by the pad therefore leakage will not happen.

If you’re worried about the possibility of smelling bad, the Libresse Purefresh Green Tea Odor control for pads and pantyliners also helps to control menstrual odor for a fresher feeling.

Did I also mention that im in love with Libresse pantyliners?

Sorry for the messy packaging.. I use the pantyliners frequently that’s why it’s so crumpled up already hihi..

These two are my definite favorite. Not only are they thin, they also snug just nicely underneath. So thin it feels like a piece of paper, seriously! Pantyliners are just as important as pads because they are designed to be super slim to give you maximum comfort while you’re up and about your daily chores. Most pantyliners I’ve used before this don’t stay in place for long and don’t have the cottony feel that Libresse does :D Besides, pantyliners are so useful when I’m at the beginning or ending of my period or when I’m out the whole day.

Hihi I would be shy shy to show the pads and pantyliner in public, so you definitely have to try out for yourself to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Can’t tell you which is my favourite because there are so many good types and they have a wide range too! You’ll have to figure that out for yourself yaaa! ;)
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