July 11, 2014

BEAUTY: Charming Up with Charmé


How's your Ramadan so far? If you ask me, here in Malaysia it's a bit of a struggle for we're currently experiencing El Nino. Days are super hot here! And just today, it rained, Alhamdulillah. But whatever we're going through here is incomparable to the sufferings of what our brothers and sisters in Gaza goes through, yeah? So this is where we must, must, must be very grateful and never forget to send du'aas for those in need.

Besides that, I'm beginning to be extra cautious of how I care for my body, especially my face. I have been accumulating some tiny pimples that people call the 'jerawat beras' or 'jerawat nasi' around my forehead. Yeahhh my forehead gets oily super easyyy as compared to other parts of my face. That's why I think I have combination skin (oily+dry).

So for this Ramadan, I tried this new skincare regime. I though of going natural and less harsh. So I opted to to try this new Charme Set. I'm not sure if you know, but I consume the Virgin Coconut Oil tablets, so it felt just right for me to try out the skin regimen on the exterior too.

*Click image to zoom in and see the details*

This set comes in a box filled with so many goodies! upon purchasing, I got the cutesy and convenient Ailana Catalyst pouch to stash those babies in for travel. The entire box comes with:
a) Brightening Cleansing Foam
b) Facial Scrub
c) Brightening Face Cream
d) Cleansing Balm
e) Brightenin Vitalizing Essence
f) CC Cream

Complete, huh?

The products uses extracts of carrots, kiwis, mangoes, pumpkins and strawberries! Oh myy haha.. Loving how they use fruits as their main ingredient to combat pigmentations, wrinkles and acnes. And it also says that it's anti-aging and anti-oxidant. Just perfect for a 26 year old me. 

After a week of trying the product, I suddenly got myself some hormonal acnes, those that comes before your period, kan.. And I noticed how quickly those pimples vanished! I mean seriously, I've never been through that before you know? Usually they'd be so stubborn and would appear one by one, and also leaves one by one by one. Not this time though. I'm not sure if it's this new regimen I'm going through or it's just me. But what I do know, this is my first time encountering such short period of time of pimples! BEST FEELING EVER. haha..

So if you've been dreading your current skincare regime for it does not prove any noticeable results, you could try this one out. Such a good product that I honestly feel like coming back for more when I'm beginning to run out of em.

You can read up on its details here (in Bahasa Malaysia): 

And if ever you feel like you wanna give this cool product a go, you can contact Aily to get yours:
Facebook: Ailana Catalyst
Instagram:  @ailanacatalyst
Phone num: 019 700 0371

Hello beautiful skin this Raya! :D
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