July 1, 2014


Salam Mi Lovelies!

May I ask you, do you enjoy going to Bazaar Ramadhan to get food for iftar? I usually do, but seeing the amount of people which made it barely hard for me to walk through, I'm beginning to resent it. I went to my sister's house in this outfit the other day (yes I visit her and her family almost every weekend) to see my nephew of 8 year's old complete his first day of fasting.

So when it was 5.30pm or so, we headed off to the nearest bazaar Ramadhan. 

I felt soooo overdressed! hahaha.. But this is my normal everyday style. It's just that the amount of people coming in the bazaar ain't all friendly to my platform wedges hehe..

Scarf: H&M
Checkered Croppedt top:  Jaspal
Army Green Skirt: Rani Hatta via Emenza
Bag: Alexander Wang

Luckily the outfit itself is practical, so it didn't give me much trouble. Special thanks to my skirt! I am forever a fan of Rani Hatta skirts. The designer is a friend of mine whom I met a couple of times when I was in Jakarta. I love how she carries herself and especially her label. This cooling fabric she used on her skirt always makes me come back for it. I have 3 pairs now hehe..

The thing is about Indonesian labels are they are hard to get! Gahhh. That's what I hate about it. Cause I would usually eye a few pieces I like only to find myself still eyeing them in the next month. Which means I still don't know how to get it! hahaha.. 

And then Emenza popped!

Thank GODDD! Now I can shop for Indonesian labels from Malaysia easily!! :D
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