July 16, 2014


Salam ladies!

This week you'll be seeing me in mostly blacks cause honestly I don't feel like dressing up in colours when our brothers and sisters all over the world aren't doing so great. Iftar-ing with a whole lot of dish on the table just doesn't feel right too.. 

Every night I click on to the #freegaza #prayforgaza #freepalestine hashtags, and I find myself in utter sadness for I feel like such a complete douche for not being able to do anything while simply lying on my bed comfortably. If I could, I think I might've adopted a son/daughter of my own to try to  at least physically DO SOMETHING.

Hey, that's actually not a bad idea. But, would it be appropriate for a single non-married girl to adopt? 


Here's my simple and laid-back look that I just fell in love with as soon as I put them on together. The definite contrast of my bag towards my completely black clothing tones down the seriousness that is my attire for the day.

Scarf: Turkuaz
Cropped Top: Milktee
Skirt: Zara
Drawstring Bag: Milktee

A little midweek treat for you girlies: 
Shop at Milktee using this code MTSHEA10 and receive 10% off from your overall purchase! And pssstt, I heard they're having a Ramadan sale tip the 27th July, so what you waiting for? :D
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