August 18, 2014


Hey you guys!

The other day my sister came to me and inquired about how should she dress since she just graduated and what not. She got so excited when she was accepted to work at company X. So being the elder sister I am, I decided to give her a few points all based from what I recently saw at Libresse’s Shine On Website! Hahaha.. Such a cheater I am! :p

I mean, why shouldn’t I, right? Cause the sight is packed with info on how to gain professional confidence in the working field, perfect for all you fresh graduates or those looking for some grooming points.

Basically the site covers 5 sections all including:
1.     Dress for Success
2.      Be Interview Ready!
3.     Own The Conversation
4.     Pitch Yourself
5.     Pitch Your Idea

Lemme summarise for you girls if you’re planning on heading to the site.

Dress For Success

Here is where you’ll get tips from bloggers on grooming! Ranging from hair tutorials and beauty makeup tips, I’m sure you’re all covered. You can also interact in this section where you can upload a certain pic of you and have people LIKE and comment on your dressing whether it’s corporate appropriate or not. Just like how you would ask an advice from a friend. Cool, huh?

Be Interview Ready!

This is the most crucial part of scoring you a job! Of course you wouldn’t want to step foot into the interview room being unprepared, right? So I surely suggest you head over to this page to read  up on a few do’s and don’ts, interview checklists and FAQs all revolving around interviews! Again, being an interactive platform for all, you could also share your interview experience with the world and comment on others’ experiences!

Own The Conversation

Sometimes you know the company you’re about to apply for from A-Z, but all else fails when you get nervous inside the interview room and stutter! Here in this page is where you can get some guides on how to avoid that, and also learn a thing or two about body languages where interviewers usually judge you first. Still nervous? Then watch the Body Talk video and get some pointers from there!

Pitch Yourself

Have you heard from seniors, teachers or elder siblings that you should always pitch yourself during interviews! This is totally correct! You should be able to market yourself well during an interview so that the employer will feel tempted to ‘buy’ you. Take this as an icing on the cake after the remarkable results you have on your certificates. You can practice by uploading a video or written entry to receive comments from others on how well you did.

Pitch Your Idea

In some cases, there are a few companies that require you to sit in a group while they hand out a certain task for your group to fulfill. This is where it gets challenging! They’re actually watching you from afar on how well you work in a team, and how you take control or take charge whenever a problem arises. They’re looking for fantastic workers who can deliver ideas and outstanding results. This is where this page comes in handy.

So, are you confident now to face the challenges of a career woman? Good Luck!

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

I'm starting my intern in a month's time... hope this helps... heheheh...>.<