August 27, 2014


Salam and happy Wednesday everyone!

Woke up with such good news today! Of course this is about Gaza and all troubles that they are going through. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read online that Israel will ceasefire for a month leaving the Palestinians jumping for joy.

But one thing got to me though: Only a month?


Despite the happiness surrounding us all today, I believe that we should not stop sending our du'aas and donations. Do not stop boycotting what you think is should. And clearly do not stop supporting the innocent lives of the Palestinians. The plight that they're going through is still continuing circulating the fact that all their domestic privileges are already taken away from them. So yeah..


On another note, here's a look I forgot to publish last week. I spent my weekend away with my sisters and their children for a quick urban holiday (a term I created for short holidays in KL). It felt nice to actually have the time for the 4 of us, including my 5 nephews and niece.

So basically this is what I wore when we were at the poolside. I didn't go for a swim cause dang it was pretty hot that day. And mainly because we didn't have much time haha.. 

Hat: Stolen from my sister
Scarf: Dian Pelangi
Shirt: Zawara
Skirt: Morgan de Toi
Clutch: from Manila

Hats with hijab? On a hot and sunny day--definitely YES!
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