September 12, 2014

FAITH FRIDAY: Contentment

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy." - Garth Brooks.☺️ 

Not every one aims to gain monetary happiness in this life. And you can pretty much see how they value the little things, they're appreciative of every little detail life inflicts upon them good or bad, and how genuinely happy they are. I like those types of people. Reminds me of this little house I saw in Kyoto a couple of months ago. The house was pretty small, but the entrance was just...perfect. 

There's something about it that makes you feel happy just by looking at it, right? Like the owner has achieved contentment eventhough he doesn't have much.

I mean, working your butt off to achieve more in life is not a bad thing. You have ambitions and drive to push yourself forward for the betterment is indeed a quality that many should possess. But to me, when that is put as the first thing in life, it just

What's the point of having them all but deep inside you're not THAT happy?

People swimming in the swamps can be a million times more happier than those swimming in 5 star resort pools. Why? Find the answer within yourself.

Need I remind you that I, too, dream of owning a Hermes Kelly or drive a Jaguar or some sort. Even though I may love to want those things, I pretty much like the idea of 'dreaming of wanting them'. It makes it even more fun. You want it, but you can't have it. So to me, that's where the excitement in life comes from. After owning a Kelly, I know after a few months, I might not have the same feeling towards the bag as to when I didn't have it. Let alone have lots of it. Get what I mean?

Well, this is totally just me.

But if you happen to sit on the same boat as me, then I say 'hey buddy!'

Most of you reading this I'm sure are already old enough to know how to compare. Just look around you and take your closest example; your grandparents for instance. I'm sure most of our grandparents would not have much during their times but how do they stay so happy and content? How do they view life? The next time you see them, dig. I bet you the first thing they'd answer won't be anything even close to money or materialistic possessions.

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author nad said...

I have an issue with being materialistic or more accurate being duniawi sangat. Sometimes I'm like "sabar, ini semua dunia" but the next few seconds I can be like "I wan't to own the world". I hate myself for this haha. Btw, Shea would you mind sharing to your readers your journey as a writer up until now? I'm always inspired by you.