September 19, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY: Dangerously Black

It's Friyay ya'lls!

Which means that another weekend is here! (Duh)

Here's another look I've been waiting all week to share with you! You know how I loveee me some blacks, right? And this major stunner jubah was definitely my cup of tea. I love how slimming it makes me look, and to add up, the sequin line descending down the dress is ugh. Perfection.

Pashmina: Some booth at the mall
Mozhela jubah dress:  @bellaluna_design (instashop)
Bag: Alexander Wang Rockie

I just had to have this bubble umbrella when I saw it at Shopbop the other day (it's my new fav shopping site! Sshhh!) It's chic, it's fun and hey it's from Kate Spade. Haha I have been cursed with that label you know. 

Pssstt, I'm expecting another parcel from Shopbop next weekend. Will share with you once they're here! :D
Have a blessed and amazing weekend gorgeous! 
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Bidadari gojess said...

Masha Allah... u always look stunning.. pandai sungguh bergaya... selalu follow u dr blog n insta jer..

kadang2 terberangan nak jadi cam u.. huhu.. <3

care to blogwalking to mine

Ina Lathifah Siregar said...

Aah what a pretty umbrella! And pretty you as always xo
Woman in black always look beautiful and elegant, isn't it? And you show it to us ♥

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