September 3, 2014

SHOPPING: August Haul

I've been shopping a bit last month, and so I figured I would share with you all here.. Hope this post comes in handy for you! ;)

Glitter sandals from Oh My Hijab
This particular pair was love at first sight! I have been looking all over for a similar design and found one at Oh My Hijab for a mere RM39! I immediately booked my order and when it arrives in the mail I was like oh my, oh my, oh my! The glitters doesn't come off easily and I don't need to buckle up every single time I wanna wear it. Just slid the strap right through and all's good. Can't wait to wear this for my upcoming short local getaway trip!

Laneige - BB Cushion
I've seen the rave about this BB Cushion from Laneige on most beauty Youtubers channel so it got me intrigued. I was hesitant to get it at first but after I saw @yosoyteyn (MUA from Malaysia) uploaded a picture of her purchase, I figured hey, if a professional makeup artist agrees with it, then it must be really good. So I got it at RM150 per box at Isetan, KLCC. The box contains the BB Cushion palette and a refill. When asked how long can this product last, the Laneige salesgirl said that one palette can go for 2 months if you wear it everyday. And since I won't be wearing it everyday, I think I might get to use it for 6 months! And since I have another refill, this booger can go up to a year! haha I'm a cheapskate :p And oh, I've started using it, and I noticed that with it, I don't need to use a concealer for my blemishes anymore. This thing does its job right!

The Quran - M.A.S Abdel Haleem
Again, as per suggested by my Scarflet sister, kak Sarah, I decided to get this book of translation of The Quran by M.A.S Abdel Haleem. I have this dilemma where I don't want to read translations in BM, but the English ones are a bit too overwhelming too understand. So I needed something that translates in a simpler tone. In every surah, the author summarises a bit of the surah, giving you a vague idea of what the surah is all about. Bought it at Kinokuniya, KLCC, for RM53 if I'm not mistaken.

Camera bag & pouch
I once ruined the body of my camera due to the zippers on the bag that I used to use for it. Every time I take in or out, the zipper on the bag manages to scratch the body leaving ugly scratch marks all over it. So I needed to change my camera bag pronto! I found this faux leather bag the other day and it fits my semi-dslr perfectly!! I got it, and I'm glad I made the right decision to get it. Cause now I can easily store and take my camera out without actually ruining the poor baby. And the cylinder pouch next to it is also godsent! I now can stash my extra lens in that particular pouch cause it fits nicely, mimicking the shape of the camera lens I have. Oops, I got both at H&M for less than RM100.

Mask & Witch Hazel from Hermo
These are by far my favourite purchase of the month so far! I have read amazing reviews about the Hermo site, seeing that it carries a multitude of brands under its wings. And I too have been researching a lot about Thayer's Witch Hazel and how it's damn good for your skin. I don't have that much time to slowly check all stores for it, so when I found it at Hermo in various fragrant, I HAD TO GET IT. It's actually a mild astringent where it can help fight acne and blemishes. I'm gonna use it right after this post and I'll keep you updated on how it works. It goes for RM45 per bottle.

The next thing that got me excited was the REGEN COS - Synergy Effect Mask. It's actually a mask to help contour your jaw for visible V-shape results. Basically there are two parts of the mask. You wear the first part as per conventional face masks and the other part under your chin and slid the two slits onto your ears and to let the mask stay in place and soak the products in. There are a few ranges, but I chose the whitening one since I don't have much pores, wrinkles and dry skin problems. You can check this page to read more about it. I am so excited to try it out and see my double chin disappear! It's so fugleehhhh you know! The entire box of 5 masks is RM82.50.


Do you like these kind of shopping posts? Cause if you find it beneficial and useful for you then I'd might consider doing it on a continuous basis. I don't wanna appear show off-ey cause honestly that's not my intention anyway. But if by all means you get something out of this post, do let me know and I'll continue to share with you my shopping hauls (and ramblings hehe).
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Yes please do this continuously.

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