September 23, 2014

SHOPPING: My Loots from Shopbop

Look what came in the mail today! I promised you I'd share what I got myself at Shopbop the other day, and here's me at it! :D

I was literally running to my mailman when this parcel came in. I was expecting it all week! Hehee.. Actually ordered a few stuffs from Shopbop cause I'm addicted to the free shipping feature (above $100) they have. Anything free shipping, then I'm sold. 

Since nobody wants to send me gifts, then I should gift myself! *forever alone* ahhaha.. No lah, I'm always like this when I shop online. I would include messages for myself during checkout purely for fun cause yeah, receiving gifts should be a fun thing even if you purchased it for yourself, right?

First thing is this gold bangle with my initial on it. I simply adore anything initialled so this bangle was a perfect match for my watch as a daily bangle thing. You know you have one daily accessory too, right? The one you keep coming back to even after rummaging through basketful of jewelleries.

Yes, I like boys with accents specifically British please. XD 
Seriously this is my wallet now cause I always find myself in a mess when I use smaller purses/handbags. My long wallet just won't fit in! What I'd do is I would casually take out my cards and cash, and put into the pockets of my purse. But I'd always forget them and leave them everywhere. So this little darling of a pouch is my God-given answer.

What is Shea Rasol without a new iPhone case? hahaha.. I've been scolded one too many times by my family over this unhealthy obsession. But blame the designers! Why do they have to make such cute casings, right? No? Right. haha..

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ling said...

hi! may i know how much is the kate spade bangle?

ling said...

hi! may i know how much is the kate spade bangle?