September 2, 2014

TRAVEL TUESDAY: Touluse, France

Hi you guys!

How have you been doing? Me, I'm good alhamdulillah.. So good that I wanna share with ya'll of my recent trip to France a few weeks ago. Basically our trip was mainly to visit the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France.

This trip was organised and sponsored fully by AirAsiaX, Asia's best low-cost airline! I was ecstatic to be receiving the invitation cause I am A BIG FAN of learning how things are made. Back at home I always, always, always watch those TV programmes where they show you how products are manufactured. I've always wondered though, who makes those machines??

And this trip was basically the same but I get to witness how planes were made!


So after our two day trip in Paris (read here), we made our journey to The Pink City, Toulouse. It was called Pink City mainly because of the buildings that are vastly seen in pink due to the salmon pinkish soil/bricks they use. And the end result was totally ahhhmaaazing you know!

See it for yourself!

We got ourselves an exclusive tour where we could enter a bit extra more than of the usual public tours. Basically, AirAsiaX is an airline but they don't make airplanes. So they buy their airplanes from Airbus. The concept is the same where:

You = AirAsiaX
Proton (for example) = Airbus

You buy cars, and airlines buy airplanes. Get it? hehe.. So there were a couple of airplane models that airlines can buy and customise to their liking. At Airbus, there's the A380 (a two-storey plane), A350, A340, A330 and A320. And us lucky bloggers managed to visit and see in close up how those vehicles are made.

And below are images from the actual Airbus factory visit.

Yours truly before entering the A330 assembly section.
Waaa can you imagine this is how a plane that you always seem to ride looks like? It is soooo complex okay!
Me standing before an A330 model at the entrance of the assembly building
The A380 ya'lls! I managed to ride the A380 on Emirates when we were transiting from Dubai to Paris
A330 Xcintillating PheoniX fresh from the oven!
Look, it's the Xcintillating PheoniX! AirAsiaX's newest family member
So gorgeous this beast is! (Not me, the plane haha)
Yeap, gotta walk that talk :p
Feeling so honoured to be standing next to the Xcintillating PheoniX Designer / contest winner --Denzel! He must be so damn proud to see his contest submission come to life!
Can we get in alreadyyyy?? 
Us fellow bloggers for this France trip
Love this woman to bits! I was glad that I made a new friend from this trip cause Cindy just knows how to crack me up! Missing those jalan2-navigating moments in Paris, Cindy!
Full house? Nope, this plane is mineeeee...muahaha!
You saw how gorgeous the Xcintillating PheoniX plane was?? Basically AirAsiaX's purchase order from Airbus was complete so they had to bring it back home, duhh, that's what you do when you purchase something, right? We were told by the AirAsiaX representative, Fairuz, that we were to go back in a ferry flight! 

Oh my god, can you imagine our excitement? The only people on board during the ferry flight was us the bloggers and a few AirAsiaX engineers. Of course we had to 'chop' the business class seats! ahahha.. 

All in all I had a SUPER FUN time in France cause I learnt a lot! And I got to enjoy Paris, the place that everybody would love to go. The knowledge I gained from the factory visit was indeed priceless and I know for sure that I'll live on to tell this story to my kids one day. I think you may visit the factory too, but check out the Airbus website for more info on that.

Thank you AirAsiaX and Airbus!
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