September 10, 2014


I don't know bout you, but whenever I see this particular jubah dress hanging on the rack in my room, I feel at peace. Maybe it's the colour, or maybe it's the subtle patterns on the sleeves. See for yourself, do you agree?

Shawl: Forever21
Sofya Jubah: Miss Lily Shop
Bag: Coach

Speaking about opening up new doors the other day on my instagram update (of a picture of a door), I was actually referring to something that I did a couple of days ago. I went to an audition for a hosting gig! Oh my goodness, could you believe your ears (or maybe eyes in this case)??

The results won't be out yet till next week, but whatever the outcome is, I'm totally fine with it hehe. Going to the audition itself already is a big step for me. Even though I was scared outta my wits, I dared myself to go and try. 

It was fun, but of course I was raging nervous you see. I kept talking nonsense (which was okay btw) as to see how I project my sentences. So yeah, challenge yourself. You'll be surprised how things might just fall into place (or not). 

"Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try." - Brian Littrell (of the Back Street Boys, I think?)

P/s: The jubah I wore is nursing-friendly. So whatchu waiting for, mommies? :D
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Dila said...


I'm blogger from Indonesia, I like your style, modest yet fashionable. ^^

aisyah Chronicles said...

It's definitely the colour! So calming. And nice pairing with the bag and shawl! Good luck with the hosting gig!

Ps: me n mom always scroll down your insta and admire your style. She always go, "why don't you dress like this to work?".. aigoo.. mothers.. hehe

Sumaiyah Abd Ghani said...

love the colour and subtle prints (and nursing fiendly? WIN!)! and yeah it's always good to challenge ourself once in a while huh? makes life much more interesting.