September 24, 2014

WARDROBE WEDNESDAY: That Thin Striped Cardigan

Assalamualaikum ladies!

Updates are quite frequent this week, eh? Don't jinx it Shea! Hehe.. Lately I have been taking care of my body quite better than I used to. I used to feel tired and sluggish and I think it particularly shows on the contents I post up. 

When even taking a flight of stairs tires you, then you know your body is trying to tell you something. So I vowed to watch what I eat, and exercise more. Currently I'm active in cycling around my neighbourhood every evening I get the chance to, and I spend 3 nights a week swimming. I hope this will help my body regain its stamina and energy.

Pashmina: unbranded
Cardigan: Fashion Valet
Shirt: Cottonese
Skirt: @ohmyhijab
Bag: Moschino
Bangle: Kate Spade
Flats: Jelly Bunny

I love pairing yellow with beige. I'm not so sure why! Maybe the harmonious blend of those two colours appeals to me more than the colour purple. Oh gosh, I remember how I used to be so frantically crazy about purple! Everything I had back then was purple coloured. My room, my clothes, my stuff, accessories. Gosh. haha.. And now, I don't have a single purple thing except for this blog's name. XD

People do change, huh? Yes, and a change is what I'm looking forward to. Will spill more later! :)
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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

cheh!!!! dah pakai gelang baru seh!!!:DDD nice!!!:)))