October 9, 2014

BEAUTY: FCC Unveils Their Newest Ambassador!

Apart from the obvious as per mentioned in the titled above, I was ecstatic to be receiving an invite from FCC Cosmetics last Sunday to its debut of their newest product-- the Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen.

When I peeped inside my goody bag, I was like a little girl excited for her carnival stuffed toy gift when I saw that we, the attendees, received the Kajal Secret eyeliner each!! These babies aren't even instore yet, and we were the first few to be able to use it! Maigaddd haha..

And as for the event itself, everyone was clueless as to whom was the chosen FCC girl gonna be. We knew that they were debuting their ambassador, but certainly didn't know who (or what haha).

Little did we know, it was Miss Raisyyah Rania (previously known as Felixia Yeap)! Omygoshh, you know I have a thing for this super laid-back gal, right? And to see her again after a few meet ups, I genuinely feel that RaRa, was the most perfect model/celebrity to deliver the message and brand behind FCC.

See the images from the event for yourself! :D
(click image to view larger)

Guests at the event in PJ. Spot the smurfey me!

While Rania was giving her speech, this man was secretly sketching this! And we didn't know what he was up to till the very end of that session.

Rara and Miss Wani, CEO of FCC Cosmetics Malaysia after the ambassador announcement.

Rara making her way in between the guests when she first came in from no where as a surprise!

Me keeping it cool with Mia, her friends and Iena Mansor the twin!

We just can't get enough of her! :D

Rara signing and giving a smiley pose to the camera during the officiation of her ambassadorship with FCC.

Everyone's so excited to grab a picture or two with Rara!

And where is this Kajal Secret Eyeliner, you ask? it's this!

I tried it, and ever since then, I no longer used my everyday eyeliner from brand X that I once loved so much about. This baby is a million times better! It glides easily meaning you can gain full control when drawing the line on your eyelids, and the colour pigmentation is freaking generous! It's definitely jet black and does not require you to layer the line a few times in order to get the saturation you need. The best part, it doesn't smear even if your eyelids gets oily by the end of the day.

One thing for sure that I don't like, is that it's not out in the markets yet!! Boohoooo... I used up mine way to fast, I need to but the replacement already. But of course, when it's out, I'll definitely let you guys know, cause I know you girls are definite eyeliner hoarders too, right? XD

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