October 10, 2014

FASHION FRIDAY: Opposite of Sombre

How's it been girls?

I'm doing fine alhamduillah insyaAllah.. But with current hardships I'm facing along the way, I feel like it's teaching me to become a more mature woman altogether. Sigh... But let's not let any external problems ruin our day shall we? Learn to absorb and reflect positivity as much as you can, even if it's so friggin hard.

Scarf: Dian pelangi (via @thatsmyshawl)
Blazer: Milktee
Striped top: Forever21
Efrida Skirt: Kree
Bag: Naf Naf

For today's look, I decided to play with cobalt blue! The striking colour actually compliments my skin tone, I'm surprised! I used to think that since I'm dark, bright colours won't suit me, turns out I was wrong. The key to doing it right, is to pair them right with other garments to achieve an overall balance. That's why I chose my light beige skirt from Kree to go with my blazer and scarf.
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padieka raccolta said...

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Nadda said...

stunning photos! hope you are doing well, your outfits are always looking great! i can always rely on your book to cheer me up and be an excellent source of inspiration! xx

Jamila said...

Always inspiring too see you Shea , stunning everytime:)!

cik nur said...

beautiful as always :)

Sizzling Suzai said...

omg the skirt! drop dead gorgeous!