October 13, 2014

MONDAY À LA MODE: Unpredictable Drapes

So, I accompanied my mom to her former employee's daughter's wedding yesterday and were immensely drawn by the fact that she still connects with her staffs well. My mom is a pensioner and to see the good relations she had with her former colleagues even after years away from the office, was just admirable. 

Something I really need to work on.

And to compliment my wedding attendance yesterday, I decided to go with my current favourite dress called Muneera from Poplook's Weddings & Celebrations collection. I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw their update, and my goodness, my choice was utterly perfect. 

Scarf: from Turkey
Muneera Dress: Poplook
Chapman Bag: Poplook

And when I was looking for a bag to pair it with, I immediately saw my favourite casual bag hanging on the side of my bookshelf, waiting to be picked. I figured, hey, this bag totally goes with the scarf I casually selected previously to be worn with my dress. So there you have it!

And to feast your eyes with some of the garments Poplook has in the part 1 of their Weddings & Celebrations collection, I present to you their classically chic lookbook, which consists of beautiful and realistic imagery of the dresses they have in store. I seriously fell in love with the colour palette for this collection cause they played around with hues of burgundy, brown and pastel pinks and greens.

Another thing I noticed, is the level of drapery they infused in this particular collection. How can you not adore them, right? Creative approaches makes the drapes signifies each design well, distinctively unique from one another. Another piece I'm eyeing, is the Roshini! The drapes at the back is just divine I tell ya.

Seriously, where is my prince charming?? I need to dress my bridesmaids in these dresses pronto!! Haha.. (Am more excited to dress them than of getting married itself) XD

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