October 5, 2014

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Eid ul Adha in Malacca

Apparently my parents wanted to go back to my hometown this Eid! haha.. I thought this year we were just gonna stay at home and spend time with my immediate family, but Allah's plan surely is a million times better than ours.

So here I am in Malacca!

As it turns out, my grandma was expecting us to come back, so I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone at all to go back, aite? And I just found out from my dad just now that my grandma just turned 88 a few days ago and masyaAllah, she's still strong as ever! I guess it's solely because she takes her solah seriously even at this age. 

Something I should learn a lot from.

Scarf: Jelitasara
Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Cloud 9 Studio
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Pumps: Kiss & Tell

After having our breakfast at home and completed our Eid prayers at a Masjid nearby, we immediately made our way back to Malacca and spent our entire day of Eid there. Ahhh, something about the village and its environment that makes all the troubles you have back in KL all worthwhile.

Eid Mubarak my loyal readers! :D
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