October 2, 2014

THOUGHTSY THURSDAY: Eid Adha Style Inspiration, Maybe?

It's been a pretty hectic week, and to me, it'll get more hectic as the days go by. MasyaAllah in just a blink of an eye it's already October! I remember being so hyped about my birthday this year, and to say the least that was in February.

And this Sunday is Eid Ul Adha! I normally don't go back to my hometown during Eid Adha, which means I'll be staying back in KL and exploring my neighbourhood to witness the slaughter of the qurban. So for me, my Eid outfit should appear and feel friendly, perfect for the hot and sunny morning of Eid insyaAllah. Something simple and straightforward like this particular number I'm wearing today would be my very first bet.

Scarf: Jakarta
Ameerah Dress: Love to Dress
Bag: Asos
Sandals: Zara

Going all black wasn't that hard especially when you play around textures and depths. I love how the patterns on my scarf enhances my dress even though both are similarly black in colour. Would I wear this again for Eid? Of course I would! The flow and the petite cut is just practical and lovely all rolled into one.

Don't you just love the lush satin-ey look of this Ameerah dress? It actually comes with a zipper on the sleeve that's made for easy access for ablution. I told you so that this dress works really well as a daily or celebratory wear.

So, do you have anything in mind to wear for Eid Adha this year? :)
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Shalynael said...

You're beautiful like always =)
When will you let us know all your henna secrets for having such even coloured red nails like you told on instagram? I guess it's gonna ask you some time but plz plz it's so beautiful tell us ;) <3