October 16, 2014

VIDEO: My Current Favorite Drapey Hijab Style Tutorial

Heyy everyone!

What have you been up to? Me?


(Select 720p HD at the settings icon on the video)

Forgive me for the quality of the audio, cause I practically was sitting far from my camera. Didn't know that it could affect the sound. Whatever it is, drop me a comment if there's anything unclear about the video!

Am actually trying to delve more into videos, so let me know what you want me to vlog about and I'll try my best to make it happen for you! 

Have fun styling! :D
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QaQaa. R said...

Assalammualaikum..yeay kak shea had shared one of my fav hijab style of kak shea..tqsm sis..its easy, looks edgy n simple yet elegant...truly you kak shea..always love yr style..xoxo

Norashikin Ishak said...

about the video It's still can be improve..I'm waiting for the next video..love ya!!

Nys Anis said...

nice one! i love it. thanks for sharing shea

Bidadari gojess said...

Why u always look very pretty n posh. Me is very selebet.. huhu. Tq for the vid.