October 15, 2014

WARDROBE WEDNESDAY: Laziness At Its Finest

Went to fetch my uncle at KLIA2 just now, and what better way to appreciate the new terminal than to take my outfit shots there, right? Teehee.. I've come to a point where I just don't care what people think when seeing me snap my photos haha..

Button Down Abaya: Aleena (via Fashion Valet)
Skirt: from Jakarta
Bag: Charles & Keith

I was looking for something easy to wrap over what I was wearing at home, and I figured my Aleena abaya would do the trick! Seriously I was at home doing God knows what in the ensemble I wore underneath this abaya hehe.. And simply took the abaya, wrapped my scarf and I'm out! Talk about laziness!

And you wanna know something? Upon purchasing this abaya from Fashion Valet, I saw this new option of payment called FPX. I wasn't sure what that was, but it has a few bank selections under it. What drew me to use FPX instead of the other options was that I was eligible to become one of the two weekly winners! Basically the system will randomly select 2 lucky buyers, and they could easily win a complimentary garment to go with what you originally purchased from FV. Meaning if I bought a top using the FPX option, if I win, FV stylists will reward me with maybe a skirt or trousers from the website to match the top I bought...coolnesss!! Til the 8th week, the winning worth will increase every RM100 per week! Goodness gracious!

I hope one of my purchases would get lucky, cause I love this thing where I don't have to enter a contest or some sort to actually win something. Just simply use FPX at the checkout! :D

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