January 1, 2015

Thoughtsy: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my gorgeous people!

May the blessings of Allah guide you and your family this day onwards throughout the year and may we become a better person inside and out as the day passes by. I personally am a bit scared of ushering the new year this 2015 as it does actually freaks me out thinking what would the year have in store for me. But thinking too much does not help anyone at all, right? So the best thing to do is stay calm and go through without having high expectancies. 

Hmm.. What do I wanna do this year, eh? Firstly of course I need to work soooo much on keeping my solah in 100% good shape. No more missing out due to work or leisure and simply qadha' later on, no more prioritising everything else before it, and no more ignoring the sunnah solahs. 

I was from somewhere the other day with my mom, and in the car she told me something about doomsday etc, and the phrase that clenched my throat was "When the doors of taubah is closed (just before doomsday), that's when none of our deeds are no longer counted. And by that time, it'll all be too late." I wanted to cry when she said that. But I was driving and of course I had to keep my cool next to her. Nonono, she cannot see my tears hehe.. But seriously though, after that short talk we had in the car, I thought to myself, no, I'm a big girl now. I should know my priorities. And to me right now is working on my relationship with my Creator, solah-wise.

Thank you so much Mama for that life-changing phrase. I mean, I've heard it countless times before this, but when you said that the other day, something gave me the chills.

And for other aspects of my life, I decided to not think about it and just go with it. That way life would be so much more fun and unpredictable, won't they? InsyaAllah :)

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balqisfz said...

:) <3

zeenat jabeen said...

Happy new year. Loved this post. InshaaAllah this new year brings you lot of happiness x

Norashikin Ishak said...

insyallah :)

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Hapi 2015!!!:-D

Maryam K. said...

Assalam Aleykum Shea!Your blog is so adorable Mashaallah!And Allahumma Ameen to all your dua's and may Allah SW grant you and your family the best in this life and the hereafter,ameen.Its true being reminded of the hereafter really helps you put things in perspective.
May Allah SW help us to do better with every breath we take.Ameen.Keep smiling hun!and stop worrying too much,Allah SW is the best of planners.Trust Him(SW) :)


hida said...

Hi shea,may i noe where u get ur dress?tq

Meilina Utomo said...

Like your great inspiring blog :)


Sunidhi Kotak said...

Wish You a Merry Christmas And A Very Very Happy New Year 2016
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