January 17, 2015

Fashion Diary: Modern Day Princess

Scarf: Jenahara

Went to visit some friends the other day and I had to complete my day in an ensemble that is breathtakingly enchanting. When I received the parcel from Nisma Shop, I knew for sure that this choice I made in getting an Annah Hariri piece was something I would never regret. The silk dress cascades amazingly and does not cling on my body. The soft subtle prints on it makes it a stunning piece to be worn on good days, and on good occasions. So good that I think that you could wear this as an engagement dress! Heee!
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Nai @ TPJ said...

Mmg lawa gila, deq..!

Poist-en Ivy said...

Your dress is approximately RM700.00. Did you really pay that much for that dress?? *insert icon terkezut yang amat*

e F a said...

sheaaaaa, please ajar macam mana nak pki shawl mcm shea ni :)

Sizzling Suzai said...

regardless on the bill, i'd focus on the design material n overall look, this dress is definitely WOw!! haha tp btol gak klu murah sket laaaagiiii Wowww its double Woww! hahahhaha pretty as always babe! XD