January 25, 2015

Fashion Diary: Muslimah Gatsby

There were a couple of weddings and boutique launches to attend to yesterday, so without a doubt I immediately thought of this matching dress and scarf to wear. I decided to go with the ultimate classic look complete with a string of pearl necklace and kelly-type bag as the design of my jubah dress is pretty simple but just enough with the added drape feature cascading on the bodice. The 3D appliqués on my scarf has done the entire outfit justice while maintaining a demure outlook that I'm heading for yesterday.

Scarf: Radiusite
Jubah Dress: Dreemika
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo Violette bag
Bag charm: H&M
Pearl Necklace: Sister's

I have spent a couple of months (two to be exact) in searching for a kelly type bag cause I must say, that's my most favourite type of bag EVER. But owning a kelly Hermes now might just not fit me and financials yet, so I decided to pick an alternative which was perfect I must say. The Ferragamo bag complimented my look of the day and the furry orange creature in the photo, just made my OOTD-ing days a lot better! :p

P/s: Three people said I looked slimmer on the day I wore this dress, okay! I'm sure you know how happy I must've felt! XD

P/p/s: Radiusite has just opened its newest boutique in Bangi Sentral.. One word I can say is..YAYYY!!

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Like the scarf's details!!! :-D

Mila Hilas said...

awak pengacara sis tu kan???