February 3, 2015

Fashion Diary: Down Memory Lane

Going with the whole college theme, I decided to complete my outfit with a backpack today. I visited JB for the weekend and stayed at Scholar's Inn, in UTM, Skudai, the place I used to call home hehe.. Taking snapshots of my OOTD there reminds me of my uni days to when I first started this blog. Buying a camera with my own money, getting ready to attend class, and asking my friends for help to take my pictures once class was over. Ahhh those were the days!

5 years later, here I am with a better camera and probably a better taste in style (I think?) Haha..

Scarf: Interhijab
Shirt: Nadjani
Bag: Twenty3
Heels: Ugh can't remember the brand!

I was practically traveling, so the best option I had to choose was a pair of kitten heels and backpacks of course. I don't know about you, but two of these are somewhat considered as a staple for me when it comes to walking and sightseeing all day. 

Happy holidays today, Malaysia!
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