February 17, 2015

Fashion Diary: Exchanging Laughters

Went to meet a good friend of mine over coffee the other day. Turns out it was exactly a year ago since we first met at a mutual friend's wedding. Obviously I didn't realise it until he mentioned it haha. The day flew by so fast that I found myself constantly chatting and listening and feeding myself some choco peanut butter cake. It was a totally platonic meet up but coincidentally happened on Valentine's day, which again I didn't realise until he mentioned it. 

It is refreshing y'know, to actually give yourself the time off for some good company and good coffee. I RARELY hangout with friends of the opposite sex nowadays seeing that I have trust issues with guys (after numerous heartbreaks) and also because of the time factor. And when you get so engrossed in exchanging conversation, jokes and thoughts; awkwardness is almost charmingly non-existent.

Oh my gosh why am I spilling everything here!! Hahaha.. *can't help it*

Here's what I wore that day:

Scarf: From Makkah
Shirt dress: Aab Collection
Pants: Topshop
Heels: Charles & Keith
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Learn to live a little, Shea. Don't refrain yourself from letting the world see and be in touch with you just because of a few douchebags. Go out and meet people, exchange views, opinions and ideas. That's what most of my friends would say to me. 

Yes, I'll try :)
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blueshoes said...

sounds like you're falling for him.

blueshoes said...

sounds like you're falling for him.

hamidah yussof said...

Wow..siapa jejaka yg bertuah tu shea? Semoga ketemu dgn jejaka yg akn btul2 jg shea dgn baik 💕