March 23, 2015

Beauty: My Current Spring Makeup

You know what I usually do in long haul flights? I put on my makeup if I was headed to somewhere important as soon as I land. So this happened when I was on my way to Singapore for work purposes. Okay okay it only took me an hour from KLIA to Changi Airport. It wasn't that long. HAHA

This time around I only brought my entire Urban Decay set I just got from their latest spring collection. I always do this when I'm inflight, so my sister decided to snap pictures of me applying my makeup to show you guys how lame I was hahaha. Thanks SO MUCH sis!

Pat on some powdah cause my face gets oily so easilyyyyy *cries*
Then some lippy to make me look half alive in this dry cold air!
Ok creepy dude, you can stop staring now -_-"
I brought with me my most favourite items from the collection; the Naked Skin Powder Foundation, the Naked Skin Coverage Concealer, a few sheer lipsticks, Moondust (Ether, Cosmic & Scorpio) glittery eyeshadows, and a mascara resurrection that I use to retouch my mascara. What it does is that it melts the hard existing mascara on your eyelashes that you already have on for hours, so that it makes reapplying another coat of it--a sensation.

These are the new range! It was perfect as I needed that extra shine with the glittery eyeshadows and sheer lipsticks.
Closeup of these babies. The colour payoff is wickedly generous! That's why I always come back to Urban Decay for eye colours.
This was taken when I first brought these gems home. A girl can't have too many makeups!
Can't wait to rock these gittery eyeshadows during events and such. It'd be such a refreshing change seeing that I always use neutral coloured shadows in most of my looks. Though it is pretty tricky to try and work snazzy eyeshadows, there are numerous youtube video tutorials you can learn from. Honestly that's where I learned how to know how to doll myself up hehe..

Wanna win something from Urban Decay? Head over to my instagram (@shearasol) to know how to enter and win! :D

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