March 10, 2015

Event: House of Jazaba x Noor Arfa Batik Collection Launch

Anything revolving with promoting and bringing our Nation to the map of the world, I’m totally in. So there I was at House of Jazaba x Noor Arfa event last February to attend a fashion showcase of collaboration between two hot brands available in the Malaysian market.

Seeing our diverse range of batik designs and colors makes me feel so utterly proud with my country. The art itself is very ancient and culturally beautiful making it so important for us to treasure and acknowledge its existence.

The thing about batik these days are that the younger generations don’t wear them that much anymore? Why is it so, ya? I hope somebody has studied it and write a dissertation paper on it maybe to help us see why is that so. Or maybe dah ada.. Apart from that, what I as a fashion observer notice is that designers these days have put so much thought on reliving the traditional wear to fit in with our contemporary lifestyle. So there should be no excuse for us to not wear it, right?

For instace, this…

Ahhhh gerammmm..!!

What I loved most was that the batiks are not too overwhelming and can appeal to young adults in urban or rural areas. The garment pattern is simple and practical. And the color palette maintained young and fresh. So with that, kudos to all the hardworking peeps at House of Jazaba and Noor Arfa batik for this wondrous Henna and The Sarung collection. That being said, I need to stock up on batiks more inside my closet! :D

Where to get your batik fix:
House of Jazaba 

Noor Arfa

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Yes!!! Traditional batik shld be preserve but in a stylish way!!!😸