March 17, 2015

Fashion Diary: Summery Sherbet

Hello Loves!

How's the day treating you? I'm doing pretty okay I guess. If you follow me on my instagram (@shearasol), you might've known that my grandma passed away last Saturday. It was indeed a hard weekend for me and my family members. Cause we were told to expect the worst seeing that she didn't show any signs of recovery after the fall that my grandma went through about a month ago.

So now I am officially grandparents'-less. It's not a good feeling, but as a Muslim we are taught since young the meaning of life and death and how it is part and parcel of recognising yourself as a true believer. 

Even though I am sad of seeing my grandma go, I was utterly happy that during her funeral so many people showed up! We buried her after Asr and the evening breeze was just heavenly during the talkin was chanted. At a burial, you can pretty much find me looking above at all the trees and leaves and how it moves cause I somehow feel that the soul of the deceased is somewhere above floating watching down on all of us. Well that's just me.

So, no more sad posts, here I am with another look I had on to compliment the sunny weather we're having a lot these days.

Scarf: Interhijab
De Chloe Jubah (in Toffee Puding): Imaan Boutique
Bag: Charles & Keith

Have a beautiful day ahead, ya! Cause you're beautiful and you deserve it :)
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