March 12, 2015

Fashion Diary: Take Me Away

It's almost Friday...*gasp* haha.. Don't you feel it every time Friday is just around the corner, even though it's a weekly thing? Humans are so weird I tell you. How easily our moods change with just a change of the day. 

Speaking of holidays, it's March and I haven't booked any holiday destinations for the year whatsoever yet, OMG. Compared to last year, I practically planned my 2014 holidays in January hahaha. Semangat tak? Since I spent so much last year on travelling, this year I told myself no. Not again this year. That's why now I'm looking for various means so that I can go on a nice holiday but within a budget.

Aaaaanndd I found out about this blogger contest hosted by Fashion Valet x The Luxe Nomad. What. I. Must. Enter.

Scarf: unbranded
Palazzo: Poplook
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Hurmm, what would I wear to Paresa Phuket ya? Maybe something loose and flowy, or something bohemian with a touch of sassiness haha! Well, it is a holiday getaway, right? I'm sure we're entitled to look good even though we're just there to unwind and be all lazy and sloppy. I could definitely repeat this look above but with  a different scarf and shoes, maybe?

Loooook at this... isn't it inviting?? Danggg.. I think I might've just gotten into the whole holiday-planning game again. Uh.Oh.

So if you wanna try to win a 3 day-2 nights stay at Paresa, Phuket, why don't you enter the contest too? Basically all you have to do is do a blogpost and mention why you'd like to stay at Paresa, Phuket and what will you wear from Fashion Valet while you're there. Share your post on instagram, tag 3 friends and end the post with a #fvtlngetaway hashtag.

Too easy!

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Hope you'll win kak Shea!!! All da best!!!🙌🙌