March 11, 2015

Shopping: My Amethyst Throughout The Years

It was like any normal day when I got home from work yesterday, but this time around, it was extra special as I finally received a parcel that I’ve been waiting for, for an entire week.

Wanna know what it is?


It’s actually an album I made with FotoZZoom compiling all my hard work with my blog. And since my blog is made up of 80% my looks on a day-to-day basis, I decided to put them all in an album for my own keepsake, or maybe as a personal portfolio.

The easiest thing for me when making this album was that it literally took me about 15 minutes to get everything done. I didn't have to design anything, just picked pre-made theme and let FotoZzoom surprise me by the end of the day. That to me is the most fun part ever. Ask my sister, she practically gave me a look when she saw me jumping up and down the house being so excited with the result of the album. Of course I had to show it to everyone in the house--even Carlos! Hihi..

So for those of you wanting to make an album (or more), and does not like the time it takes for you to personally design the entire book one by one, I'd totally recommend this site I made mine at.

Let’s see how it looks inside..

Seee how gorgeous the layout is! I actually chose this floral themed album from the hundreds of themes they have on their website. So if you are a loyal reader of my blog or have been following me on my instagram, you might’ve noticed my obvious obsession for anything florals hehe..

So basically in the website, I uploaded the images that I want to have in my album. And luckily I’ve been saving all my images in a big sized file; therefore the images remained crisp and sharp even when printed. But the arrangement of the images was totally random and there were no texts involved. Of course it doesn’t, it’s a photo album! :D

So instead of having all my work on my website, I have an actual physical album to actually show to my future kids one day! “This was when mama did this…” “This was when mama went to..” Ahhhh best!!

Honestly speaking, if you have a certain skill, talent or work that you’re very much proud of, why not compile them in an album like this? Say if you bake cakes, draw henna for freelance, make 3D artworks or simply love to travel, it’d be so cool if you have those images in a single album like mine here.

I think I might have to order another one cause I still have loads more to be published. I blogged since 2008, remember? XD

And ooh, if you’re wondering, the papers used are of glossy ones, and it is hardcover binded. You can choose whatever size you want available on the FotoZZoom website, and pretty much customize the wording in front of the album. What are you waiting for?

How to make your very own album:
Step 2: Select the photo book design that you like & click on "Make A Book"
Step 3: Fill up the form and upload 60-100 photos.
Step 4: Sit back, relax and await delivery to your doorsteps. 

It was super easy I tell you, all I did was choose a theme and size, uploaded my pictures and checkout! :D
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nor hidayah mohd nor said...

Sheaaaa! Cantik sangat. Thanks for sharing this. Cepat2 bukak website diorang. Hehehe :)

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Wah!!!!! Best!!!! Memories shld be kept in a book!!!👌

Sizzling Suzai said...

this is seriously a BRILLIANT idea!

Bidadari gojess said...

Im looking for this one actually... bang!!! Saw ur link on fb.tq shea