April 22, 2015

Beauty: How to Enhance Your Black Iris

I love contact lenses, but I don't wear them that often, cause man, you can't beat the awesome feeling of your own natural eyes free from anything placed upon it, right? So I tried creating this look so that it brings out the blackness colour of my iris and my God, I love it!! 

Here's how you can recreate it! :D
(If you don't have the exact items, just use anything that you might have of similar hues)

* Can't seem to see the name cause this pencil is already too short after countless usage
** This is actually an eyeshadow, but the colour is just perfect or shading.
*** I forgot to include MASCARA. So please, finish your eye look with mascara okay!
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Afrina Ismail said...

hi dear....if you not mind to sharing, may i know how you edit you pictures...what software you use on this entry....cantik dan tersusun sangat..

myan said...

awesome green shea..