April 2, 2015

Biggest Announcement Ever: Surprise!

I have a secret I wanna tell you. I've been keeping it for way too long already that I feel like I need to let it out or I'll simply explode hehe. And since I treasure you, my readers, I figured you're the first ones I wanna tell.

As a self-proclaimed fashion blogger who lived, breathed and studied fashion, I must say, the perfect journey I'm heading towards next is something that I have longed for since forever. That is to have my own fashion label! :D

YES! You heard it!

It's not just another fashion brand emerging in the market. It's a place where I have taken so much thought and consideration for a few years now. It's a creative outlet where I will have my knowledge in modest fashion applied to answer your apparel needs and mine. And lastly it's a platform for me to improve myself for the betterment.

My entire journey is a learning process, that's why immediately after my Masters, I took a job as a Fashion Writer for Aquila Style magazine. There I had to write fashion and women related articles and it pretty much was  dream cause I truly enjoyed it! The experience as a writer opened up my eyes to grasp the concept of the industry and expressed them how I want them to be expressed. I had to be creative and explain fashion creatively too. It was not easy cause as a writer or columnist, your worst enemy are deadlines. But since I have put my mind into it, Allah helped me through it. Just imagine, I had to write an article per day (sometimes more) and was required to have my column actively flowing with fresh new ideas. IT WASN'T EASY. Writer's block are always there to welcome me.

Then later I worked as a Fashion Buyer at FashionValet for quite a short period of time. When I first saw the career ad, I was like WHAT. I. NEED. TO. APPLY. So I did and alhamdulillah I got in. It was a whole new different world I was in and I loved every bit of it though I was warned that it could be stressful. But c'mon, what type of career in this world is not stressful, right? It's how you handle it that makes it rewarding by the end of the day. Why I wanted to be a fashion buyer is that it revolves so much about the knowledge of trends and consumer behaviour. They are like the intermediate between the industry and the people. So yes, the experience I had at FashionValet was undoubtedly priceless.

And the ultimate career path that I took since I was 20 years old was indeed--a Fashion Blogger. Being a fashion blogger is not just about posting your looks on a daily basis. It's a medium where I connect to my readers (mostly females) in a world where they are very much in it too. I expressed my love for fashion through my styling and images, and I conveyed them through my words. And through it all, my life has become yours too, to which I am so happy to share with. You don't know how much I smiled again after being sad, or gained knowledge after being clueless about something, and become a better person just by blogging. 

So this next step I'm taking, I want to take you guys with me on my journey as you've always been through with this blog. Blog readers turned friends, is the most cherishable thing I have gained through this medium and I want my label to be as such too. Whether you're Malaysian or from the US, UK, Australia, Africa or Asia, I am so looking forward to physically connect with you through my designs. 

I hope with that notion we'll be closer than ever before! :)

P/s: In the meantime, you may follow my new instagram page (@shearasol.kl) to anticipate my very first collection debut with me. I'm tremendously excited and anxious, too, y'know? You may email me at shea@myamethyst-shea.com all your fashion woes, and I'll try my best to solve them through my creations.

P/p/s: The website is still under construction. Once it's out, you'll be the first to know, as usual! :D
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Ikhlas said...

So exciting! Congratulations! I'm a big fan of your style and can't wait to see it when it launches :)

nonie said...

Congrats!!! :) Excited to see ur collection,yeayy! Good luck dear

Pn Syaima' said...

what happen to pastelina?

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

All DA best kak!!!!����������

amirahmohammadzaki said...


So so so glad that ur dreams are coming true.. Would love to have some input on dressing modestly for plump figured muslimah as i always have difficulty in finding the right style/outfit to suit my size.

Btw, congrats on the upcoming clothing line and i wish u d best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

Sizzling Suzai said...

good luck again n again :)

L. Cikita Siregar said...

I wish I could work with you kak Shea...
salam from Indonesia :)
- The Eleven Elf