April 8, 2015

Boutique Visit: Zawara, Kota Damansara

Sue me for sharing with you a bit late than I remembered! I went to Zawara a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to shop away like crazy! I was in Kota Damansara for a meeting and saw the boutique calling out my name haha.. So without any hesitation, I went in and dragged my sister along to shop some of their designs.

Muka puas!! hahaha
Okay this top is pretty neat. I love this drape feature cause it adds some umph to your basic plain tops.
Ooohh architectural lines on abayas..gorg!! // I didn't know Zawara had shoes too! Coolness!
Okay, lemme work this scarf before getting it. Luckily ada vanity mirror for me to help myself with.
Alaaa my sister niii.. Ni pun nam snap ke -_-"
Do not disturb a woman when she's busy checking out racks of clothes.
My continuous problem: Searching for THE colour.
Choices galore!
This one's pretty too, and it's one of their newest collections!
Oversized tops is the bomb dignity if you haven't known yet // Ok bye everyone, nam change baju! :D
Yeahh that pretty much sums up my shopping experience in Zawara Kota Damansara. The fact that the boutique itself is so welcoming and comfy, I had spent my time there enjoying myself with my sister while doing our shopping. I seldom shop in boutiques (hello online shopping), but this experience at Zawara today makes me miss going to shops!

Head over to Zawara Kota Damansara if you're around and don't forget to tag your family along! I'm sure they will find something for themselves too! :D And I wanna say sorry to the sales attendant at Zawara cause my sister and I was practically singing and having too much of a fun time there. We made jokes and teased each other while shopping, and I saw the sales attendant were giggling all the way seeing the both of us.

Sorry about that!! XD

If you wanna know where exactly the boutique is at, here are the info:

ZAWARA Kota Damansara
No G42, Jln PJU5/21, The Strand Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. 
(TEL: +60361514781) 
 (Shop lot Behind CIMB Bank The Strand. Near to Encorp Mall The Strand Entrance)
Other outlets: Click here
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