April 6, 2015

Charity: Let's Give Back to our Furry Friends

One thing I love most about fashion, is when big big brands remember to give back. And for this time around, the charity that our local favourite brand, Poplook, decided to help is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). This is something that is dear to my heart. Most of ya'll know I have a pet cat at home, and even before Carlos, there was a string of felines that we had kept and nurtured back to back for we just love kitties! Hehe.. I simply cannot remember how many cats we have taken into our home before Carlos. There was Farah Bibianna (Bebe), Cocky, Cottonelle, Manja, Gizmo and Fluffy to name a few.

So when Poplook finally launched their charity campaign with SPCA, I was so soooo eager to be part of it! I got myself 3 pouches from their vast range, for I know each purchase, 50% of the proceeds will go to SPCA and help the entire organisation in the long run. I don't know the details that much, but I'm sure it will include in the maintenance of the cats and dogs alike at the shelter.

This is Carlos, wishing the pouches are his.. hehe.. No way man, it's mine! XD

It's basically a pouch with catchy positive words emblazoned on it for that extra spark. If you know me by now, you'd be most certain I'd chose LOVE cause I believe in love and all its splendour, INSPIRE for that's the next best thing in life I always aim to achieve, and MEOW for fun's sake hehee..!

There are more words on different coloured pouches, go and see which suits your personality!

This is how it looks on the inside. I stashed my charging cables, power bank, iPod, planner, pen and even my hand fan! It keeps my stuff in place whether in and out of my handbag and for that I'm so happy to be doing charity while I get to use the product for me hee.

Okay okay I know you love it too, Carlos! Seriosuly he can't keep his paws away from these babies! It's as if he knows it's for his dear catsies and doggies! Or maybe he just misses the late Poppy, a stray cat founded by the Poplook team last year, but unfortunately was hit by a motorcycle when he was playing outside a few months after :(

Get your Thoughtful Pouches and do charity while at it! :)
Here's to Poppy and Carlos's friends!
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