April 30, 2015

Fashion Diary: Straight Lines

Another look that keeps me sane this tough week consists of a simple and straight(get the pun?)forward jubah, paired with a similar hue square scarf. I actually wore two in this look, one on my head and tied it around my neck, and the other piece was to add more stylisation to this look while ensuring the chest is covered.

Scarf: Gift from friend and from Paris
Blair Jubah: Imaan Boutique
Bag: Muji
Sunnies: Celine Audrey

This might probably be one of the looks posted on this blog where I'm actually holding my laptop and toting a BIG bag packed with stuff for work. I didn't have time to switch bags cause everything is stashed inside, and man, do I need everything. Luckily it goes pretty well with the entire outfit :D
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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Bijak laksana the tudung idea!!!! Heheheh!!! Baik kak!!!!!������

sgrmse. said...

Hi, Shea. Jawab Whatsapp boleh tak? Hehehe. XOXO, your Nuffnang Talent Manger Mel.