April 12, 2015

Fashion Diary: A Tale of Dresses

If there's something you must know about Malaysian (women), is that we have to have a lot of dresses. Why? Because we have wedding invitations almost every other weekend! Whether it's your friends' wedding, your relatives, or even your parents' friends' child wedding, you're still bound to go. I always be the victim every time my parents receive any wedding invitation. Thay'll drag me along even though I don't know the bride and groom that much (or sometimes at all).

What an intro about weddings! haha.. So yeah, this is me working hot fiery red to my mom's aunt's granddaughter's wedding. Phew! That was mouthful.

Scarf: @Chiqueveils
Dress: Helenatalia
Clutch: Lulu Guinness
Heels: Zalora

I wanted to go for the red lip look too, but I figured I might be overdoing it with the red dress and lip clutch and all. So strip that!
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Ika Rahman said...

hi im so in love with your dress!